The Greater Phoenix region offers a variety of amenities and provides a great quality of life for residents of the region. In terms of Safety , the region’s 2011 violent crimes rate was lower than the majority of other large metro areas in the U.S and property crime rates have decreased by more than 20 percent within the past five years. Of course, crime isn’t the only measure of safety; Mother Nature can pose significant risks as well. Did you know that the Greater Phoenix region experiences very few natural disasters and is among the lowest in terms of dollars spent on weather disasters? From earthquakes to tornadoes, you can view the occurrences of natural disasters throughout the U.S. in our Safety section.

Known as the “Valley of the Sun”, the Greater Phoenix region boasts an average of 310 days of sunshine per year. Due to this attractive Climate , Arizonans enjoy numerous Outdoor Activities that include hiking, golfing, and even boating—there are six lakes within about an hour’s drive from central Phoenix. The Greater Phoenix region also provides a great cosmopolitan environment, providing a variety of Cultural and Entertainment options, including performing arts venues, art galleries, and museums. And that is just in the Greater Phoenix region! A two-hour drive will get you to numerous National Parks, winter ski resorts, historic landmarks, and wilderness areas.

The Cost of Living for Greater Phoenix is low overall with a composite index of just 94.5 (according to the Council for Community & Economic Research, 3rd Quarter 2011). Click through the Cost of Living section for more information about the region, including property tax rates and average monthly house payments.

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